Journey Through Trials of Health 

As I sit here waiting my turn for further testing to be done today,  I know our Lord is in complete control. Your mind can wander here and there when you receive a notice of abnormal results from a mammogram, and need to do more testing.
Marlin and I prayed this morning before he left for work and the Lord has given me the peace not to be overcome with anxiousness.
I rode to the doctor with my dear friend Donna and I have friends and family that have prayed and everything is in God’s hands.
So our trials can be blessings as he gives us sweet peace to get through them.

Just  had test, and all clear, Praise Jesus!

To God be the glory for great things he has done!!!


Author: Robbie

Wife, mother, and grandma. Love the Lord Jesus and my family and friends. So blessed!

3 thoughts on “Journey Through Trials of Health ”

    1. Yes,it was. I will give him the glory. I have to keep it watched every 6 months, but know he is in control. Yes,Thank and praise God. It’s amazing the peace He gives at the time you need it.

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