Daily Polish for Shine

There are times on Sundays, when my husband is getting ready for church he will take a few minutes and give his shoes a good polish. Even if I think they look nice and shiny he is working on them to make them look even shinier.

When I think of the definition of polish,which there are several, I think about my life for the Lord. How through his mercy he allows us every day to live for him. He works daily in our lives polishing us, smoothing out what is within us for His glory. We sing “This Little Light of Mine”, I’m going to let it shine, but we can’t shine without a good polish, good buff, and a good rub.

Oh, that my life might  shine as the Lord smooths out the rough spots, and gives me a good polish.


Author: Robbie

Wife, mother, and grandma. Love the Lord Jesus and my family and friends. So blessed!

7 thoughts on “Daily Polish for Shine”

      1. She loves it. She use to take us to the rest homes(what they called them back in the day) She said I’d sing and play the tambourine for everybody, and that was my favourite song LOL I remember none of that because I was too young LOL but it makes her happy.

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