Paper Balls for Snow

Paper, paper,paper, my cat loves paper. Any time she hears the sound of paper being scrunched, her ears perk up and she is in the attack mode.  I make a paper ball, throw it, and she is off running and rolling.  The cheapest toy ever. She carries it, bats it, and sits on it. That paper ball has become one of her best friends.

Today I was cutting out a pattern on the floor and she decides she wanted to get in the middle and have a sit, like that’s where she belonged. Silly cat.😼

My daughter had found this beautiful white kitten on the side of the house lost and in need of a home.  

And of course she wanted to be the caretaker.  My husband said, he felt the Lord sent it for her, so we adopted her and she is now our house cat, named Snow. 

So if your in need of a cheap toy for your cat, just make a paper ball and they will come running.

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Author: Robbie

Wife, mother, and grandma. Love the Lord Jesus and my family and friends. So blessed!

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